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Project team member(s): Allison Sample

Give a one-paragraph description/summary of the project, which includes information like the motivation for the project, the goals of the project, and the resulting implementation and success of the project.


Explain the motivation for your project. What were you trying to accomplish? Why is a haptic device the right thing to use? Expected length: 1 paragraph


Is there any relevant prior work in the field of haptics or other devices/approaches that people have used? Provide links or references to similar projects. In addition, if you used someone else's code or ideas/information to help in your project, here is where you acknowledge that background material. Expected length: 1 paragraph


Provide a detailed description of your project, such that another student from the class could generally re-create your project from this web page. (You don't need to document every screw, but the design should be clear.) Add images and videos as needed to support the description. You can refer to downloadable drawings and code in the "Files" section (later). You should divide this section into subsections, which can vary depending on your particular project. Here is an example set of subsections:

Hardware design

Expected length: 1-3 paragraphs, depending on the complexity of your hardware

Software design

Expected length: 1-3 paragraphs, depending on the complexity of your hardware


What does the device do? (How a user should interact with the device, and what he/she will experience.) Did you get any interesting comments/questions from users at the "haptics open house"? (If so, describe them.) Was the device functionality what you had planned? Describe how your system could be improved.

Expected length: 1-3 paragraphs, depending on the complexity of your system


Here you can list any individuals or groups who helped you with your project. (e.g., an especially helpful shop TA). Optional, so delete this section if you aren't using it. Expected length: 1-2 sentences


Code and CAD drawings should be linked here. You should be able to upload these using the Attach command. If you aren't willing to share these data on a public site, please discuss with Allison. Also, in this section include a link to a file with a list of major components and their approximate costs.

  • File 1 attached and described here
  • File 2 attached and described here
  • File 3 attached and described here


List the referenced literature, websites, etc. here.

Wiki examples

Here is how to link a youtube video:

Here is how to link to a file (note that you will need to compress/zip your code and CAD files into zip files so that that wiki will let you upload them): Attach:HapkitTest.ino.zip

here is how to add an image: