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Lab Meeting

Lab meetings for are open for anyone to attend that has interest. If you are new to the meeting, please introduce yourself. Note that during summer quarter, lab meetings are only scheduled as needed.

Summer Quarter 2014

Date Presenter Title Location Time
Fri. August 29 Allison Lab logistics and SURI students presentations CDR (Bldg. 560) upstairs 10:00-11:30
Wed. July 9 Allison, Margaret Chapman Lab logistics and BioRob conference practice presentation CDR (Bldg. 560) upstairs 10:00-11:30
Fri. August 1 Whole lab Final presentations from Agnes and Alyssa, ICRA paper proposals CDR (Bldg. 560) upstairs 10:00-11:30

You can view a list of past meetings here.

Potential topics for future lab meetings: