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Welcome to the ME327 Class Project Website.

By following the links below, you can find details on the individual projects completed as part of ME327: Design and Control of Haptic Systems at Stanford University in Spring Quarter 2019.

Group 1: Racca, Meija, Sanchez, Silva

Group 2: Duc, Li, Trzpit, Ritter

Group 3: Lee, Tonkens, Yoshida

Group 4: Mohtasham, Yuan, Yako

Group 5: Supakkul, Chiu, Darmawangsa

Group 6: Agharese, Townshend, Gruebele

Group 7: Goodloe, Blankenberg, Clark

Group 8: von Wendorff, Narowzie, Vue

Group 9: Heravi, Nowak, Choi

Group 10: Wang, Aw, Pliska

Group 11: Khandelwal, Khan, Tin

Group 12: Gerard, Ransom, Thomson


Below you can find examples of projects from 2012.

2012 Projects